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000 / ooc contact and hmd

Because it's about time I posted one of these, amirite?

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Concrit rules are as follows:

- Anonymous commenting is on.
- Screening is off; if you want your comment screened for whatever reason, though, I'd be happy to oblige.
- Wanking is for the bedroom, flames are for the kitchen, does this look like your house? No. So none of that business here.

If I derped and screwed up on anon commenting/screening/whatever, tell me. I do tend to be a bit of a derp always on occasion.

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010 / accidental video

[The feed clicks on. We can see a hand, at first, but that quickly moves out of frame -- somebody's put the device down, which switched it on. There's a lovely view of part of a kitchen, which is Syaoran's kitchen for anyone inclined to recognise it, and we can see out the door to a desk, where Syaoran is asleep on top of a pile of books and papers.

Watanuki comes into frame, heading back out of the kitchen with two coffee cups.]

The coffee's ready, Syaoran-kun. I don't know if you like cream or sugar, so---

[He stops as he reaches Syao and realises that... yeah, he's asleep. Watanuki puts the coffee down, walks off and comes back a minute later with a blanket, gently putting it around Syaoran's shoulders, careful not to wake him. He smiles faintly, takes one of the coffee cups and, after a second's thought, one of the books, reading it as he crosses back into the kitchen. Quoting aloud, blankly:]

"...interdimensional nexuses are most often offset by the presence of unnatural fields of morphic resonance and Stet radiation, which--" How does he read this stuff?

[He picks up the Network device...]

I wonder if this thing has a dictionary.

[...and the feed switches off.]

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009 / text

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For anyone who doesn't know, Doumeki went home.

That idiot

[ooc: strikes deleted. Watanuki's gonna be replying to everything with text and having a good old secluded bawww about this, because his first friend-leaving-the-City experience and it's Doumeki and because of that he's going to deny being upset at all and klsdfghj. ;;; also, placeholder, must sleep.]
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008 / video

[the camera flicks on to show a very cranky-looking Watanuki glaring at the Network. there's a red mark on his cheek, possibly (definitely) from his face making contact with the sidewalk.]

This is not funny, City. All I was doing was walking! Getting some air, minding my own business! And then I trip over this--

[he turns the device around to show you all a newly-sprouting sheep plant poking up through the grass, baa-ing like it's ready to be picked. aaand back to him.]

See that? Sheep plants! That doesn't even make any sense! What is it with this place and sheep, anyway?!

[grumbling to himself, Watanuki looks back over at the sheep, still baa-ing feebly away. there's a long beat, and then:]

...Hanna-san, I don't suppose Iznagi wants a friend?

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...did that work? I think I found the right setting... thing. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that worked.

So, first of all: it wasn't my fault. I mean, when there are photos falling from the sky all day -- and what kind of idiot tells people not to look? Everyone knows that just makes them want to look even more! So it's his fault for saying that. I wouldn't have even looked at the stupid pictures otherwise!

...Well, all right, maybe I would have. But that's not the point! The point is -- the point is... um.

I... wish I hadn't looked.

Not because I want to do him any favours or anything! I don't. It's just -- they were -- bad. Really bad. I don't--

That girl in the sunflowers, did she... die? Who was sh---

They were private. The City had no right to do something like that. And true, I had no right to look at them, but... Anyway, some of them were okay, mostly the ones with me in them. And there were a couple I wasn't there for, but I can still guess what they were. Some of them were things that happened here, though, and I didn't know he'd been here so long, to go through so much. It must have been hard, but he still seems okay. I don't know if I would be, after that. Come to think of it... I wonder if anything like that happened to me last time?

It's also weird that it showed him with... all the blood... and then a picture of me falling turned up, too. Kind of symmetrical, I suppose, in a morbid way. Does it have something to do with us... merging? Is that what Kohane-chan called it?

...I wonder if Kohane-chan has ever been here. I hope not.

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It doesn't feel right, wishing myself a happy birthday. Not after everything that just happened. So just...

...Do we even age here? I never thought to ask before.

[ooc: Backdated to morningtimes! It is indeed Watanuki's birthday along with everybody else from CLAMP, ever, but he's not going to be the most cheerful kitty about it. ;; Also vaguely placeholder-shaped because it's 2.30am here and I really should probably sleep at some point in my life. Yup. o/]
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004 / accidental video

[Watanuki is, predictably, in the kitchen, busying himself in cupboards, collecting vegetables and various ingredients for whatever breakfast he's making. From the angle, his network device has been set down by the sink. He's musing to himself quietly while he works.]

Maybe I could find a nice restaurant or something, somewhere in a safe part of town... If the spirits start turning up, though... But there's always those wards Hanna-san was going to try...

[He gathers up some vegetables and dumps them into the sink, for washing, turning the faucet on without really paying attention.]

I hope they work. It would be kind of nice, having a job that's not just -- just fetching alcohol and snacks and almost getting myself killed all the time!


Well, I wouldn't have to do the the getting killed part, at least.

[Nodding, satisfied with this, he looks down at what he's doing in the sink and -- freezes. Stays frozen for a long second, then slowly brings his hands up into view. They're covered in blood.]


[the post cuts off]

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003 / voice

[There's a rumbling, earthquakey noise, the sound of things falling over, a distant something smashing. And Watanuki makes a small "wah!" noise.]

There goes the rice cooker.

[After a minute, the noises settle down and he sighs, relieved.]

Uh, does anybody know what's going on? Has this ever happened before? And is everybody okay?!

Oh, hey, Doumeki, Hanna-san -- he's a friend of mine, he doesn't have anywhere to stay except that box, so I thought he could stay here at least until the earthquakes stop?

[mutter] If that's all right with you since it's kind of your place and everything.

Anyway, I--

[the rumbling starts again. Watanuki yelps and the post cuts off.]

002 / accidental video

[Watanuki is sitting on his bed, staring dully down at his hands, being, surprisingly, very quiet. But it's the kind of quiet you tend to get before a natural disaster hits and decimates the entire population, which might have something to do with the fact that Watanuki is not exactly Watanuki. And those aren't exactly hands.]


[Not so quiet anymore.]




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